By Claire Bakker

On Friday the 12th of May the ninth grade students are organising an assembly during the last two periods of the day. In the past week both classes have been holding meetings in homeroom to discuss and plan the assembly. Ms Pritchett and Mr Laird have been a great help by guiding and organising bits and pieces of the assembly. Luca Huls, a grade 9 student, has made a big impact into the planning too, by organising the different acts, presentations, videos, speeches and the line up of the assembly. The first acts will be several individual piano solos, presented by Esther Jin, Lucy Liang , Nitin Poonkoman, Harshvi Shah and Meemansa Prem. Afterwards Lucy will be singing an Italian song. There will also be presentations by a few students about their personal projects. For the last month the ninth grade students have been coming up with some great ideas for their personal projects. Some have already made great progress and so would like to introduce their projects in order to get feedback from others and to inform other students about the personal project and how it will be affecting the 9th grade in the upcoming months. Luca and Niki Neyssari will be presenting their self made carpool karaoke video after this. In this very amusing video they drove around with several teachers and sang humorous songs with them. Connor will also be showing a short film that was made in seventh grade. Lastly Olympia Dreesman, an eleventh grade student, will be presenting a video about her experience in Greece where she was helping at a refugee center, to inform others about the tragedies going on there and how she was able to help. We wish the 9th graders good luck. We are looking forward to their assembly and hope everything will run as smoothly as expected.