By Claire Bakker

At the start of the school year the AIS community was lucky to get a new cafeteria. “The cafeteria started to get build in the easter break of 2016 and was completed in February 2017.” The cafeteria improved greatly due to the new construction and layout. This made the cafeteria look bigger, lighter and in general nicer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.47.34.png
Picture taken by author

A new chef was sponsored from a parent in our school community, which made a big improvement on the food. Several sorts of juices, fruits, delicatessen and other dishes are served every day. Which has really has made a big impact on the community since now 85 percent of the people buy their snacks and lunches at school rather than bringing something from home. In the old cafeteria paper lunch cards were used which were not very handy. They easily got lost, broken or thrown away by accident. In the new cafeteria the school uses electronic lunch cards, which lots of the students think is a better solution. This is because they can “top up” their plastic and electronic lunch cards whenever they want and do not need to go and buy paper lunch cards at the casteel. Another benefit is that the lunch ladies now only need to select what the student chose on a computer and then scan the card to pay. This whole process is much easier for students and staff at AIS and is enjoyed greatly. The cafeteria is also used for meetings, bake sales, and other events throughout the year. The whole AIS community is very thankful for the new cafeteria and to everyone who sponsored or took a part in building it.

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Picture of the AIS Board (Source; Marja Van der Eyken)