By Connor Harrison
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From Friday the 12th of May to Saturday the 13th our U15 girls’ soccer team battled for the NECIS trophy. The girls played six 4×10 minute games in Dusseldorf against other U15 girls soccer teams participating in NECIS.

Every year the U15 Girls Soccer NECIS is held at one of the international schools participating in the sports program offered. NECIS stands for Northwest European Council of International Schools, although that is not how the term is used in this instance. Throughout the NECIS schools, the students and coaches refer to the massive tournament when all the teams meet up and play as “NECIS”. This year, NECIS was awarded to The International School of Dusseldorf. The schools that volunteer to host the tournament get chosen randomly.

Our girls played Hamburg (ISH), Brussels (ISB), Düsseldorf (ISD), Luxemburg 1 (ISL 1), Luxemburg 2 (ISL 2), and Bonn (BIS) over the 2-day tournament (the result tables can be seen below).

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One of the players on the team was Shainey Shah. Who said “Our two closest games were against Brussels and Bonn. Our second game on Day 1 was against Brussels and we lost 2-3. On day two our second game was against Bonn and we lost 0-1.”

AIS finished 7th out of 10 teams at the tournament just missing out on a plate (the ranking table can be seen below).

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