By Emily Leitl
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From Elementary to graduation, it has been 14 years of school for most of our graduates and now they are finally done. On the 27th of may 35 of our students will be graduating from AIS after 2 years of very hard work, doing their IB diploma.

During the graduation several speeches will be held and all students will finally be getting their IB diplomas. One of the speeches will be held by Maya Müller this year’s valedictorian who has been attending AIS since 6th grade. She has worked very hard in the last few years just like most of the other students receiving the diploma. After the graduation the whole class will be attending a formal dinner, and later the party clubs around Antwerp will be filled with the AIS seniors. Soon all of them will be living all over the world, going to universities, starting to work and trying to live this new and challenging life.Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 20.25.57.png

Many of them say they miss school already even though it has only been a week since their final exams have finished. “I feel really weird not being in school, it’s been 14 years and suddenly it’s over, kind of sad to be honest”, Thibault Missinne one of the seniors says. Others say that it feels great to finally be out and do things they enjoy without having to worry about exams and deadlines due. After many months of vacation they will soon arrive at the serious part in their life where universities and the first jobs will be attended. Many of them already know what universities they will be going too. Esther Van Hoeve will be attending Tilburg Law School, Thibault will be

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going to a university in The Netherlands, Ollie Hopwood and Eleanour Herbosch will both be attending schools in the UK and Maya Müller, this year’s valedictorian will be attending ULC in London. The whole school community wishes them a great amount of luck in their, from now on, alone standing life and that the goals they set themselves come true.