By Claire Bakker

The AIS community is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next school year. A lot of parents and organisations are contributing towards this event. A number of events will be organised throughout the school year in 2018, for everyone at school and the community. AIS wants to show that the school has a bright future coming up ahead. The theme of the Anniversary will be the the “future” of AIS. There will be events organised related to do with art exhibitions and entertainment so everything that can be found in the Arts Center of AIS.

Picture taken by Antwerp International School

An example of this is a circus that will be organised with students from elementary school all the way up to middle school. It will be presented by the children, who will practice and and later present their circus act for parents and the AIS community. There will also be something organised related to sciences at the Antwerp International School. Later in the year the International day will be organised which occurs every 2 years. Here lots of stands with cultural foods, drinks, games and traditions will be put up. At the end of the year a big party for the entire community will occur where AIS will celebrate its 50 year anniversary and the wonderful school it is.