By Connor Harrison
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The 7th Grade students presented their Science Fair projects today. In the Middle School building, the students presented their experiments to teachers, parents and students showing their abilities to goal set and persevere.

The deadline was finally met today, after 4 months of preparation since January, for the Grade 7 students. The Science Fair project is done every year with Grade 7 at AIS because it teaches the students how to plan by themselves, how to set goals and complete, and perseverance. This project marks the time when students really transition from being teacher-reliant to self-reliant. Many students that pass through Grade 7 at AIS remember the Science Fair project as their first project that they had to properly plan by themselves.

Presentations were scattered throughout the Middle School building. One example of these presentations was “Clean Green” made by William Pieder. Whilst visiting the fair, William Pieder enthusiastically spoke to me about how his Project was about organic cleaning materials that were homemade. He compared these homemade cleaning materials to that mass produced and can be found in any supermarket. “I judged the cleaning materials on smell, price, and cleaning ability,” he said. “My results were as I predicted. The organic cleaning material won the smell and price, only losing the cleaning ability, only marginally though.”

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Picture taken by Antwerp International School

Pieder also mentioned that he was happy with his final piece of work but grateful the project was over, “We started this project on the 16th of January and had about 4 months to complete our chosen project. It’s taken long but I can now say I have successfully completed the AIS Science Fair.”

That was the general feeling through the fair. From a student that has previously done the Science Fair project, overall I think it was a successful Science Fair this year.