By Emily Leitl
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After two months of hard training three times a week the AIS track and field team finally arrived in Copenhagen on Thursday night the 18th of May 2017. All 35 students felt ready to finally compete at the NECIS championships and brought great weather with them too. The events ranged from 100m sprints to 3 km runs, different throws and several types of jumping. Eleven schools were competing in the championships with some really amazing athletes from all over the world. Still the team was able to bring home several medals and a great amount of personal bests due to their hard work and blazing performances.

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Picture taken by Antwerp International School

On Friday, the first day of NECIS all athletes had full motivation and power to get on the track and compete. The 16+ girl relay team sadly missed out on a bronze medal by one second while the U16 girls and boys both were able to achieve a medal in the 4x100m relays. On day two the U12 boys missed out on the 4x400m bronze medal while the 16+ girls fought hard for it and were able to take it home. The U16 boys team were probably the most spectacular since in the last round they were able to catch up from fourth place all the way to the finish line and receive the gold medal for their team.

Maya, Alex, Junior, Ollie, Famke, Lisa and Julius were all able to bring home individual medals ranging from silver to gold. Many of the other students were sadly just positioned outside the medals but definitely all did an amazing job. Over the season 5 new school records in Long Jump, Hurdles and discuss were established and will be put on the record board in the school.

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Picture taken by Antwerp International School

Sadly one of AIS’s beloved coaches will be leaving and moving back to the US. The whole AIS community would like to thank Coach Nagle for all her support throughout the years and wish her good luck in the next part of her life. The team looks forward to getting back on the track next spring.